With a heavy heart, I share the report that my delightful friend and colleague Nigel Murray (left) died last night from the brain cancer that has plagued him for two years. Nigel was a soldier, a gentleman and a rascal in the best sense of each. To lift a glass with Nigel at events here and abroad to discuss the state of e-disclosure was always a pleasure.

Nigel first learned he was ill after my birthday party in Washington DC during ILTACON 2016. He blacked out driving and the doctors discovered a brain tumor. From that day forward, Nigel’s scope was constrained by his illness, but he never let it define him. His absence from the big conferences where so many enjoyed his company diminished those events for all who looked forward to the tradition of Drinks with Nigel.

Nigel knew what the cancer was up to; but, he was the picture of courage, dignity and grace in the side he showed the world. Nigel epitomized the Briton’s famously stiff upper lip as he soldiered on. When I travelled to London in December expressly to see Nigel, I worried that the witty warrior I knew might be diminished; but, he was himself, only slightly subdued with a touch more introspection.

There is much more I could say about Nigel’s trailblazing in the e-disclosure industry as head of Trilantic or his dedicated efforts in support of Help for Heroes; but, this is just a short, sad notice to Nigel’s many, many friends who are readers here. We loved him, and really, isn’t that the eulogy that serves him best? Sympathies to his family and other friends.


I’m advised that Nigel’s family have asked that donations be made to Trinity Hospice in his memory. If you would like to donate or know anyone who would, the details to do so follow:

Website – http://www.royaltrinityhospice.london/donate
· Telephone – 020 7787 1084
· Bank transfer:
o Account Name: Trinity Hospice
o Bank: C Hoare & Co
o Sort Code: 15-99-00
o Account Number: 73600020
o Reference: NMURRAY279554

· International Transfers
o IBAN: GB77 HOAB 1599 0073 6000 20
o Reference: NMURRAY279554
· Cheque / in person – Royal Trinity Hospice, 30 Clapham Common North Side, London SW4 0RN. Please quote Reference: NMURRAY279554