Dear Reader,

I’ve been in Australia for a couple of weeks, at an e-discovery conference in Sydney and traveling to see this beautiful and engaging country. Please forgive the paucity of posts while I’m enjoying the land down under.

Sydney may be the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, and save for a few in South America and South Africa, I’ve seen most of them. Having fabulous weather and generous hosts helped, but all the Sydneysiders we met were friendly and helpful. Nuix mounted a heck of a great users’ conference that encouraged a lot of advanced thinking about the direction of EDD. There aren’t enough superlatives to do the event justice. Peter Mercer of Vound Software kindly shared a day showing my wife and me the glorious northern beaches most tourists never see. So many kindnesses shared by friends and strangers.

The Blue Mountains (two hours west of Sydney) and the Great Ocean Road (southwest of Melbourne) are extraordinarily beautiful, rivaling any vistas, anywhere. Yes it’s expensive to visit Australia right now, and it’s a long flight, but it’s well worth every penny and every hour. My only regret is that I didn’t get here sooner!