One of the pleasures of my practice is staying abreast of what others have to say about e-discovery and computer forensics.  I try not to miss much, though the chorus of voices has grown markedly in the last five years,  The challenge is choosing wisely for the quality of discourse hasn’t kept pace with the volume.  I’m in the debt of vigilant folks like Rob Robinson, a really nice guy who takes the time to run the traps of blogs and publications to insure that many voices worth hearing are heard.

Rob is Vice President of Marketing for e-discovery service provider, Orange Legal Technologies in Salt Lake City, but like your’s truly, Rob’s based in Austin.  Rob publishes his Unfiltered Orange list through all the major networking streams, so if you want Tweet updates, you can follow @OrangeLT.  I prefer the weekly compendiums which can be seen HERE, subscribed to HERE or added as an RSS feed.

Thanks, Rob!  Great work!