unicef3When I was a boy, in that innocent time before poisoned Pixy Stix, Halloween was magical.  We planned our costumes for months and mapped routes to maximize candy yields.  But it wasn’t all Batman and Casper and treats.  We also turned our milk cartons into piggy banks and cried “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” at every door  A few pennies collected with Chuckles and Charms bought a month’s worth of milk for a hungry child.  Then as now, so little could do so much to aid needy children a world away.  I’m reminded of that as I share the wonderful news that Nuix has reached its goal to raise $100,000 for charity by selling licenses for Proof Finder.

My friend Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix, announced today that, “To date, Proof Finder sales have helped Room to Read and local communities build schools in Nepal and Sri Lanka, publish local-language school books and provide support for 30 girls to complete secondary education. With the funds raised since March 2013, Room to Read will establish two libraries in Delhi, India and provide a full year of secondary school education for 20 girls in India.”

All of that philanthropy flowed from the wisdom and generosity of the first 1,000 persons who bought annual Proof Finder licenses for $100.00 each (and who might have saved ten- or a hundred times as much the first time they used Proof Finder to test search terms).  Talk about win-win!

I’ve sung Proof Finder’s praises here before, when the program began in December 2011 and again a few weeks ago as the Proof Finder community closed in on the $100,000 goal.  It’s simply a splendid program, fostering digital literacy in its users as it fosters child literacy throughout Asia.

Hats off to Nuix and the entire Proof Finder community for their success in pairing a great deal with doing a great deal of good.  Onward to $200,000.00, and remember, all proceeds from the sale of Proof Finder still go to support childhood literacy.