Sorry to take your time asking for help. so I’ll be quick about it.

But first, thank you.  Thanks to you, dear reader, this blog and its 85 posts reached 100,000 views a few days ago.  That’s nothing compared to the millions of page views others see, but it’s very gratifying to me because I launched this blog without saying a word to anyone.  Somehow, you just found it.  Ball in Your Court is an outlet born of frustration with the two-month publication lag attendant to my former print column and the sudden shuttering of an American Lawyer Media blog where I’d previously posted.  I wanted a place where no one could pull the plug but you or me.  This blog is a very personal connection to you.

The favor I ask is this:  if you like the content here or find it of some value, please share it with someone you think might be interested.  If you have a blog or site with a blogroll, please consider adding Ball in Your Court to your blogroll.  I will try to earn my place on your page and in your day.  Thanks.