On Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 9:00am, I’m moderating a plenary session at LegalTech New York where the panelists are a veritable Mount Olympus of e-discovery leaders from the federal bench: John Facciola, James Francis, Andrew Peck, Lee Rosenthal and Shira Scheindlin.  I can hardly imagine a more quintessential quintet of rare knowledge and eloquence!  Kudos to ALM educational coordinator, Judy Kelly, for deftly getting them all to commit.

The judges will be discussing some of what you might expect, e.g., proposed Rules amendments, predictive coding, Rule 502 and expectations of lawyer technical competence.  We will also be exploring a few fresh issues, like the impact all those little screens are having on everyone in and out of court.

There’s still time to add topics and questions of interest to you to the program; so, if you have questions you’d pose or topics you’d explore, please share them here as a comment (or e-mail them to me: craig at ball dot net), and I’ll try to work them in.  Hope to see you in New York!